Sunday Day 785 Still on Track

I’m still on track today, falling just under my calorie goal after finishing off a slice of homemade banana bread I baked tonight. I also reset My Fitness Pal to go for a 1 pound per week loss instead of the ½ pound. Its a difference of about 250 calories per day, but I am feeling good right now about being able to handle it. I desperately need to get myself back on track again in a major way, and I really want to reach my goal weight that I failed so badly at attaining this year. Trust me, its not going to happen in the next three weeks, I think its safe to say that.

Tomorrow I’m going grocery shopping, and it will be a big haul for the week. I’ve got extra money from a few sources, mostly from what I had planned for Christmas money, but since my shopping is done, I can use that for extra groceries or whatever we need. I will also have gas money left over because I’m not that low on fuel. At this point my shopping list is about double what I usually buy in a week. I might stock up on a few canned staples while I have the extra because that stuff always comes in handy. We need toothpaste too, and of course Amazon is the only place I can find that sells the kind we use at a decent price, but I need to buy 6 packs to get the good price.

There’s also a pile of extra bills due this month, things like my web hosting, domain renewal (which I am going to transfer to A Small Orange next week right before its due), and my share of the Amazon Prime account. I’m just glad this year is almost over because there have been so many extra expenses popping up lately its driving me batty!

I’d also like to resume getting the produce delivery again, but that’s not likely for a while. Still, we’re doing okay without it; I’d just really prefer it. And speaking of produce, I’d also like to attempt to plant some tomato plants or something next year- or maybe strawberries, but that may be a little out of my abilities as plants seem to curl up and die as soon as I touch them.