Thursday Day 789 Better Late Than Never

Did my fellow WordPress users since the sharp-looking new updates? It looks so good now in the back end! Wow! Very shiny, though I’m sure the changes are going to confuse my mom even though everything is still in the same places as before.

Anyway, let’s move along, shall we?

Grocery Haul

I meant to post this on Monday but I forgot. I had extra money since I didn’t need all my gas money, had Christmas money I could use since I was done shopping, and a few odd dollars here and there. I ended up getting a ton of groceries, or at least a ton compared to my usual amount. Add in the few items I ordered online and I spent about double my normal. Here’s what I brought home.

Meats $37.83

  • Polish Sausage $2.98
  • Ground Turkey (3 lbs) $7.48
  • Lunch Meat $8.04
  • Thick Cut Bacon (2) $9.30
  • Chicken Breasts $10.03

Fruits & Veggies $28.30

  • Green Beans $0.69
  • Stewed Tomatoes $0.58
  • Fruit Cups (2 x 4) $3.96
  • Carrots $0.68
  • Asparagus $3.98
  • Broccoli $0.69
  • Green Beans $0.76
  • Cucumber $0.58
  • Apples (8) $5.84
  • Onions (2) $0.84
  • Mushrooms $1.88
  • Tangerines (3 lbs) $3.48
  • Peas $0.48
  • Tomatoes $2.28
  • Salad Mix $1.58

Dairy & Ova $15.18

  • Milk $3.18
  • Cottage Cheese (2) $4.36
  • Umpqua Ice Cream $3.62
  • Shredded Cheese (2) $4.02

Frozen Foods $8.32

  • Tony’s Pizza Sandwiches $1.48
  • Lean Cuisine (3) $6.84

Carbs $6.86

  • Pasta Roni (3) $2.94
  • Rice a Roni (3) $2.94
  • Spaghetti $0.98

Seasonings, Sauces, Condiments $6.53

  • Beef Stew Seasonings $1.42
  • Ragu Spaghetti Sauce $2.87
  • Ragu Garlic Parmesan Sauce $1.68
  • Tomato Sauce (2) $0.56

Beverages $5.18

  • Water (24 bottles) $5.18

Total Haul $108.20

I think everything was on my list and as planned, except I accidentally grabbed thick cut bacon which was quite a bit more expensive than the regular kind. However, its bacon, and bacon is always tasty, and quite a few of my items were less expensive than I had planned for so its okay. I’m also happy to see most of my spending was in the “real food” categories.


Aside from the fancy new WordPress version roll-out today, I was also alerted last night that there was a new (huge) update for Android to download. I started downloading it last night, and promptly fell asleep. This morning the first thing I saw was it asking ti install it, which I did. It was an update to bring my phone from 4.1.1, to 4.2.2, and the changes are shiny! Honestly, I think it looks like the same person worked on the interface for both Android, and for WordPress. They are both very clear, sharp, and just look nice. I don’t however, much care for the new suite of alert sounds on my phone, which to me all sound like they belong on a spaceship in a Disney movie. I much preferred the old sounds set to this one.

I tried really hard to stick to the plan today, and despite being kind of snacky for half of the day, I think I did well. I also went back and tracked my food for yesterday this morning, and while I was over, I didn’t do as badly as I thought… though maybe its worse than I thought because I feel like I forgot something major, it being the next day and all. Either way, yesterday is over and gone, and today we worry about today. I had an apple in the afternoon, shortly before dinner, and while I did eat the leftover lamb stew from last night, it was mostly vegetables- there wasn’t a lot of meat in it to begin with, and I think the bowls we ate of it yesterday had all of it. It was still delicious though, and I’d be happy to make and eat it again.

Dinner was pasta, green beans, and pork chops which mysteriously showed up in the freezer after I’d be digging for some for weeks. I’m betting there are more of them in there, I’m just not sure where. Anyway, its after dinner and I’m still a bit hungry, but not overly, and may eat another apple in a little bit. It’ll put me very slightly over my limits for the day, but better it be by an apple than by a bowl of ice cream or cookies, right?

I also did some catching up on my shows today, as I realized I haven’t really watched any of them in about a month. I got through two episodes of Masters of Sex, two episodes of Lost Girl, and one episode of New Girl. Tomorrow I will try to get caught up the rest of the way.

Christmas is Coming!

I’ll need to remember to add flour to my shopping list next week as Mattie wants me to make banana bread for his dad and brother when they come for Christmas. I have plenty of overripe bananas in the freezer, and think I have everything else on hand, but not sure I have enough flour. I’m thinking of making three loaves- one for us, one for his brother, and one for his dad. Or maybe just two loaves and share it out equally between us all. I’ll recount my blackened bananas and see for sure how many I have in there.

I’m undecided if I want to do any other holiday baking, but I’ll figure it out- I still have plenty of time to do so. Mattie’s brother is getting us bison steaks for dinner that night to grill up. I’m looking forward to that. I’m thinking I’ll make a big green salad, and maybe some sort of pasta to go with it. I’m beyond tired of beans every time we grill. I can only eat so many baked beans!

I’ve also got presents that still need wrapping- both from me, and from Mattie for his family members, but will probably do that tomorrow in between trying to dust and get the house looking marginally better before the holidays. I know it’ll just get dirty again, but it will be less dirty than if I hadn’t done anything at all and easier to clean up later this month. I laughed because some of what Mattie got for his brother is on my wishlist too, but I know that’s not what he got me. He keeps dropping hints though… LOL.

I still haven’t cemented pans with my mom for Christmas, but I am assuming we are going out there for Christmas Eve this year like previous. Will have to email or call her and figure it out. Anyway, here’s an overdue post, better late than never!

Other Stuff

Did I mention the other day we caught mouse number 2? I caught one of those little shits a week or two after setting my traps, but had kind of given up on catching another and stopped checking my traps. I don’t know what day we caught mousey #2, but he was becoming a bit fragrant already. But that’s one less little critter to worry about, right?

Our pool league for this season is also getting closer to the end. It seems like we just started, but I guess its been going on for a while- times flies when you’re having fun, right? Of course I still totally suck and have only won one game, but I’ve come close to winning a handful of others. Almost doesn’t count though, and I’m hoping to win another one before the season ends. Maybe it’ll even happen. :)

I’ve also done a lot of reading the last few days, and will be updating my books list this evening after I finish up here. Not much else to say, so wrapping this up. I’ll probably make another post sometime this weekend. Tomorrow night we’re spending the evening with Mattie’s brother and their mom, and going out to dinner at I think Black Angus.