Monday Day 793 Grocery Haul & Sashi’s Toe

Short and sweet today! I’ve also added a few new recipes to the cooking section of the site- just click Recipes to go see them!

Sashi’s Toe Update

Sashi has been doing well with her toe injury, but she’s still stuck wearing one of my socks. We found the best medium between what she will leave alone and what will protect her paw is some gauze taped over the inured toe, and then a sock fastened over her whole foot over that.

I called her vet this morning and related what had happened and when, and they said just keep her bandaged for a few days, but make sure it can breathe. I explained how I have her “bandaid” and they said that was perfect, and that she can go back to being barefoot again in a few days. I know we are all looking forward to her not wearing the Cone of Shame again and I now she’ll be even more glad to not be wearing one of my socks. The plan is to give her toe a good look over this evening when I change her sock, and if there’s no sign of bleeding on the gauze when I remove it, maybe I’ll just give her a sock to wear, nothing under it.

Grocery Haul

This week’s grocery haul wasn’t the best. I didn’t get a lot of stuff, but it seems like I spent a lot of money, and later in the week I’ll still have to go back for milk and maybe a few other things. I forgot to get salad dressing, for one. I also didn’t get much in the way of fresh produce besides a lot of apples, and we’ll probably be eating canned veggies for most of the week unless I go back for that too.

Meats $27.80

  • Bacon $2.98
  • Brats (5) $3.98
  • Ground Beef (3.7 lbs) $11.77
  • Sliced Turkey Breast $5.05
  • Sliced Ham $4.02

Fruits & Veggies $14.79

  • Mangoes (2) $1.36
  • Broccoli $0.90
  • Apples (8) $5.43
  • Winco Diced Tomatoes (14 oz x 2) $1.16
  • Dole Fruit Cups in 100% Juice (3) $5.94

Frozen Foods $14.36

  • Lean Cuisine (5) $11.40
  • Tony’s Pizza Sandwiches (2) $2.96

Dairy & Ova $7.24

  • Eggs (18) $2.88
  • Cottage Cheese (2) $4.36

Other $6.49

  • Winco Flour (5 lbs) $1.64
  • McCormick Apple Pie Spice $4.85

Total Haul $70.68