Monday Day 800 Grocery Day Again

What’s Up?

Whoa! I initially had this post listed as day 900 which is really not right. Of course it took me twenty minutes of scrolling through older posts to see where I went wrong, and saw about 6 posts back I had jumped forward in numbers by 100! Whoops! I knew I couldn’t be at day 900 already! O.O

Its been a whole week since I posted, and things have been okay. Food has been less than stellar, but I feel like I’ve been somewhat productive around the house and actually have been getting things done. I did several loads of laundry, and cleared out a section of the linen closet to be able to put the sheets and pillowcases we got from Alix and Will away as I finally got them washed. I put everything I washed away, and I vacuumed the house three times I think, as well as did some dusting. I cleaned the bathroom, which was in desperate need of being cleaned, and I went shopping today (see next tab) for the week’s groceries as well as for the extra stuff we need for Christmas.

I told my mom I would handle the sweet potatoes for dinner at her house Christmas Eve, since she said she still needed to get some and its just as easy for me to make them and take them out there to be reheated for dinner. If I make enough we can have the leftovers for dinner here Christmas night. I bought three big sweet potatoes, so there should be plenty.

Right now we’re looking at buffalo steaks on the grill, mashed potatoes, and green beans, but its a holiday meal so damn it we should have a ton of food! I am thinking about making macaroni salad, and I’m definitely making two loaves of banana bread for Christmas day, and will be sending plenty home with his dad and brother afterwards. We’ve already got a huge streudel cake here and tons of cookies, both given to us by friends. I highly doubt we need more junk food hanging around the house right now, but Mattie decided we needed to get a pie as well.

I know I really, really need to get back on board with tracking, but with all the goodies in the house right now its so hard! Its an excuse, I know. I think we are going to give some of the desserts we have hanging around to the neighbors though to get them out of here faster. There’s just too much for us to reasonably eat on our own.

Grocery Haul

This week’s grocery haul was a good one, with tons of good stuff, and very little junk. Some of the shopping was extra because of Christmas coming up, but it wasn’t that different from any other grocery day. Mattie sent me to the store with the items he was going to buy and some cash, and I picked them up too.

Fruits & Veggies $23.48

  • Cucumber $0.58
  • Green Beans (0.91 lbs @ $0.68/lb) $0.62
  • Broccoli (0.75 lbs @ $1.28/lb) $0.96
  • Potatoes (5 lbs) $1.47
  • Salad Mix (2) $3.16
  • Celery $0.68
  • Sweet Potatoes (3.41 lbs @ $0.98/lb) $3.34
  • Tomatoes (1.37 lbs @ $2.48/lb) $3.40
  • Winco Raisins $1.79
  • Dole Fruit Cups (2 @ $1.98) $3.96
  • Pink Lady Apples (1.98 lbs @ $1.78/lb) $3.52

Meats $21.11

  • Chicken Thighs $7.55
  • Bar-S Bacon $2.98
  • Chicken Breasts $10.58

Frozen Foods $12.86

  • Tony’s Frozen Sandwiches (3 @ $1.48) $4.44
  • Lean Cuisine (4) $8.42

Dairy & Ova $12.26

  • Butter $2.48
  • Eggs (18) $2.88
  • Baby Bel White Cheddar $3.28
  • Umpqua Vanilla Bean Ice Cream $3.62

Other $11.43

  • White Sugar $1.68
  • Winco Seasoned Bread Crumbs $1.07
  • HyTop Brown Rice $1.32
  • Ken’s Salad Dressing $2.62
  • Campbell’s Soup $0.75
  • Winco Olive Oil $3.21
  • Baking Cups $0.78

Beverages $6.24

  • Martinelli Sparkling Cider (3 @ $1.98 each) $6.24

Total Haul $87.38

I feel like this was a good haul partially because more than 60% of it was on things that are good for us to eat, but also because I got a lot of stuff for not much more than I normally spend. I also was able to use a new app that I recently found, and I love it. ListOn Free lets you make a grocery list, which lots of apps do, but it also lets you keep a running total of how much money everything already in your cat adds up to, as well as how much everything on your list to begin with adds up to. Its a really awesome little thing, and while before I used to carry a scrap of paper and round off how much I was spending, this makes it even easier, and more precise. I will probably be paying to go ad-free on this on to support the developer because it really is a perfect app for me and when I am shopping.