Thursday Day 810 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends! I hope you’re starting off with something positive and its going to be a fantastic year for all of us! Mattie and I stayed in alone, and were in bed by 11 and played games on my Nook until he fell asleep, while I stayed up reading for a few hours. We didn’t even get to drink out sparkling cider. The Nook was my big gift to myself this year with the gift cards I received, and I love it. I mentioned the set-up I was getting for it in my last post, but I haven’t mentioned what a headache it turned out to be to et things the way I wanted them.

My Nook and my N2A card arrived on time, just as promised, and I was really excited, only to see the company sent me the wrong N2A card- they sent me one for the Nook HD+, not the HD. I contacted the company, and they sent me a download link to get the right set-up and instructions on how to prepare the micro SD card. Unfortunately, they sent me the same as what was already on the (wrong) card, so it took another day before I was able to get it right. In that 24 hours, I learned I do not like the Nook’s native OS at all. Eventually all was right and I got it set up, and despite mistakes being made, the company who makes the N2A cards was very helpful and prompt in helping to get me straightened out.

I had a moment of panic the other night when I attempted to hook my phone up to my computer to transfer some files over and clear out some space. I kept getting the message that my phone was locked and it wouldn’t work. I finally found a setting that wasn’t there before this last big update, and after checking the box, I could connect, but my sync manager said I had to get the update for that before it would work. I updated that and then it was smooth sailing, but it took a while to figure out. It took me about an hour to figure out the problem and fix it.

I found a payoff calculator on my credit card’s site and figure out exactly how much I’ll be paying off to have it paid off in full in August. My estimates were about $25 more than the calculator said, which was cool because there’s a few less dollars to put into it, and I also found by snowballing my bills, paying off the BillMeLater account in full first, it moves my payoff date for the Amazon card up by a month. I’m feeling really confident I will have quite a large chunk of my debt paid off before the year’s end. I want to pay of at least 50% of my debt in 2014, and paying off the two credit cards will put me at having paid off 56% of the total. Add in a couple of payments on my student loan and I’ll be well on my way to being debt-free.

Saturday night we went out to Sharky’s to get some practice in and try out my new stick. I was really excited about that, and we played for a couple of hours. It feels really nice in my hands, and the weight feels perfect. It also has a grip on it which I think will give me better control of the stick. Anyway, Mattie had no need to worry that I’d like his gift- its pretty fucking awesome! I’m looking forward to playing again next Monday.

I finally rounded up last year’s goals, which I did horrible on overall. The fun ones- cooking, reading, and sewing- I blew out of the water, but the rest I failed miserably on getting done. I didn’t even track for about half the year, so how often I ate at least 2 servings of fruits and/or veggies each day is anyone’s guess, and I barely exercised at all, as you can see on my workout pages. Paying off a huge chunk of my debt was an epic failure because until very recently I still had and was using (often) my BillMeLater account. Thankfully it finally clicked in my head I was never going to pay down my debt as long as that account was open nd I called and closed it.

Next year’s goals are some of the same, adjusted a bit, but a few are different.

  1. Read 100 books (no re-reads)
  2. Cook 30 new recipes.
  3. Pay off 50% of my total debt. ($1308 of $2616)
  4. Sew 12 new projects.
  5. Reach my goal weight of 165 pounds.
  6. Vacuum the house weekly.
  7. Learn to knit or crochet and finish a project.
  8. Make 5 new loans on Kiva.
  9. Exercise 3 times per week minimum.
  10. Track food daily.

Since getting a smartphone in July, and now my Nook, I’ve been reading like crazy. I ended up reading 80+ books last year, even though my goal was 35, and probably 85% of those books were read after I got my phone in July. I always swore I would never get an e-reader, that I loved the feel and the smell of a real book, but once I tried it, I loved it. I honestly haven’t picked up a paper book since.

As I said up there, I didn’t really track for about half of this year. I also rarely weighed in, mostly out of sheer terror of what the scale would say. I stepped on the scale the other night before bed after a day of eating crap, and it was just over 190 at the end of the day. While I’m irritated at being up that high when I was at 182 at my lowest, I’m also honestly surprised it wasn’t much higher with as badly as I’ve eaten lately. I’ve been tracking today, but you know when you’re running on almost no sleep all day and you’re just hungry? That was me today, and I ended up way over my calorie goal. Its not pretty at all, and most of what I ate today was total garbage, but I tracked it all anyway even though I really wanted to pretend I didn’t eat half of it.

Not much else left to say, so going to wrap this up and post it. I’m hoping to get to sleep early tonight and hopefully sleep through until at least late tomorrow morning. See you next time!