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July 24th, 2015

Hello friends, and new visitors! This has been an interesting week so far!

Tuesday was Mattie and I’d 6th anniversary. We didn’t go out, but he cooked me dinner, and brought wine and dessert. He grilled steaks and pork, and we also had beans, red wine, and a cheesecake pie from Marie Callender’s for dessert. It was so good and we both ate probably way too much. The cheesecake pie only lasted a few days- it was so good and I love their sour cream topping they put on it.

Wednesday my mom picked me up and we went to Costco and I got dog food, a flat of water, a half a ham, and 4 pounds of low sodium bacon.I like bacon but I tend to not eat it much because I don’t like the saltiness, so hoping this will make me love it again. Mattie had pool league that night without me and he shot pretty well.

Thursday morning I woke up at 4 am with a painful, throbbing tooth. I went to the dentist at 1130am, and came home at about 2pm with a freshly done root canal. They briefly explained what a root canal was, and then I pulled up this video on YouTube to watch the whole proceedure so I could better understand it.

By watching the whole thing first, I was able to understand exactly what was going to happen and how it would be done, and since I could see my dentist pick up each new tool as he worked, I had a good idea of what part of the procedure he was at.¬†I got my temporary crown put on and in two weeks I go back in for my permanent crown and a deep cleaning. I wanted to do the cleaning the same day but he didn’t have time.

Tomorrow we’ll take Mattie’s dad shopping and to run errands and get dinner, and then we’ll be heading out to Tracy and David’s afterwards. I’l looking forward to it.


I’ve been doing a lot of crafting lately too, and I unfortunately had to turn down what would have been a beautiful project when completed but I just couldn’t commit the level of time and attention it would need thru the time period it would take to complete it. One of the little things I did was pour a new switch plate for my craft room out of resin. I mixed some mica powders into it, a first for me, and it turned out so pretty! Way cooler than a plain creamy plasticy of white! Please ignore the dirty switch. I’ll have to address that some other day.

The mica powder, which mixed in, settled and swirled in an interesting way but I’m sure there are other ways to make a smother coloring throughout.

March 5th, 2015 – Cleaning Out My Closet

I still have more to get rid of and I think its time I tackled my closet. A few of the items I will try to sell but some I will just be donated to thrift. I have a burnt orange corduroy jacket I desperately wanted to love, but carelessness in cutting, sewing, and just in general make it less than stellar and even a bit lopsided so it will go to thrift. I could tear it completely apart and try to fix it but honestly its a lot of work for little reward. I’d rather just drop it off. I also have two dresses (one I need to replace the zipper in first) I made, tried on, took pics, and never actual wore. That was well over a year ago. They are nice dresses, and very suited for an office environment but just not suited to me and my life. Those I will try to sell first.

I dropped off a big bag of pants Mattie doesn’t wear, many almost new, a pair of high heels, and the two cheap plastic dance pads I have for the old Xbox. I have a solid metal and hard plastic one I use and the the cheapie ones move around a lot under your feet while you play which makes them hard to use. I literally have not taken them out of their boxes in an eternity. They had to go.

I did end up bringing a few items from my mom’s here which I want to keep, (namely a really cool coat I made a while back) but that means making room for them by letting other things go. I think I have some t-shirts with many holes or stains I can toss out and some other clothing I’ve made I’m just not crazy about that I can donate.

I’m also slowly going through my craft room and putting things into a bag that I want to offer to Tracy & Jami when we get together next because I just don’t use them at all and they’re taking up precious space in my craft room. That ranges from a few beads, some containers, and a few random supplies. Anything they don’t take will also go to donation. I’m doing my best to organize and get rid of anything I don’t actually use but its slow going and its hard to decide on some things.

I organized all my yarn roughly by color, though some in the bottom right are a bit mixed up- they didn’t really fit in anywhere. Still, I think it will make it much easy to find the yarn I am looking for in the future! A few of these look out of place in the photo- will have to move them next time I am out back.

I also moved all of my fabric, scraps, and other storage stacks into the little closet space where my yarn was hanging. It all fits in there perfectly and is rather tidy. The smallest stack of containers in the middle mostly hold my expansive collection of zippers, organized by size. I may have gone crazy and bought a ton of zippers in various sizes in lots of 25 and 50 more than once. You never know when you’ll need a zipper!

This tiny little closet space is perfect for my fabric and scrap storage! Snug as a bug! #sewing #fabric #storage #stash

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That’s a canvas for painting and a sketchpad stacked on top on the right side and on the left you can see my flattened boxes, envelopes, and other packaging for shipping.

I’m also considering selling off some of the fabrics I have that I’m probably never going to use. Some of these are small yardages of vintage fabrics that might be suitable for children’s clothing but I just don’t have a need for. Cleaning out my fabric bins would be a great help because then not only would they open and close easier, but they could be better organized as well to make things easier to find. Luckily most of the fabrics I measured and labeled with their dimensions when I pre-washed everything. The next few days will have me sorting through them and deciding what to list for sale and what to keep. While I was in my craft room I did some sewing and finished up a pair of pajama pants I had started n a few weeks ago.

My mom also stopped by with the bags of stuff from the damaged/sample sale at her work today and I spent about two hours dividing it up between Tracy, Jami and I. There was a ton of beads and while some were the same as last time, there was a lot more metal in these bags and some stuff we did not see before at all. No yarn this time, but there was some crochet thread I’m not sure what we’ll do with, and she got a lot of rubber stamps as well as some polymer clay. There were also some sewing needles, including upholstery needles, and some stitch holders for knitting. She also found several boxes of embroidery floss (12 skeins to a box) in about five different colors. Anyway, we got a great haul of stuff and I hope everyone is happy with their bags when we meet up next week to pass things out.

Mattie had to take his dad to a doctor’s appointment this evening and I was on my own for dinner so I just made pepper bellies in the microwave. I ate too much though and felt kinda blergh afterwards.

Not much else to say at this point so signing off and will hopefully pop back in tomorrow.

March 4th, 2015 – Wow. So many Things.

Wow. Where do I begin? A few weeks ago, Mattie and I had a bit of a falling out, and I stayed with my mom for a few days. We’ve since patched things up and I’m back, but wow are things in disarray! I’ve donated a lot of items to Goodwill, including about 6 or 8 shopping bags full of books I have not touched in years (I read everything on my Nook now in digital form), quite a few articles of clothing, and some video game related stuff. I donated the dance pads I had for my Wii and the two DDR games I had along with it because while the DDR games are really good for the old Xbox, they suck on the Wii. I have more stuff to donate still which I am sure I will find as I continue going through things, but slowly the mess is getting more manageable.

Food has been okay though no losses from what little I’ve been on the scale, and my grocery shopping is mostly on target. I was also so lucky as to get to take part via my mom in a damaged goods/sample sale from her work (she works at an art and craft store warehouse) and get a ton of beautiful beads and other things for a total of $20. Pictured are just a few of the beads I got from the sale.

More of my awesome #crafting supplies!

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She also got me some yarns (12 skeins total), a 10 pound box of air dry clay and some random other items. A few things I donated, and I divided up a lot of the duplicate beads I got in the haul between myself, Jami, and Tracy. I still have tons left for myself and there was a lot I did not share out at all.

Anyway, tomorrow and Friday her work is doing the sale again and I am asking her to get me two more bags as well as a few bags for Jami, and Tracy. I’m looking forward to more gorgeous beads and all sorts of wonderful things. Tracy and I requested yarn and rubber stamps as well as jewelry things, and Jami was like beads beads beads! LOL I can’t wait to get the bags and go through them all and meet up with Jami, and Tracy and divide it all up.

Anyway, I’m still alive, I’m trying to simplify things, and trying to get rid of things I no longer use or want. There is more out at my mom’s I intend to donate but I don’t have a lot left out there. So much of what I donated came from there after sitting for years.


My last post I talked about Amazon.com and their crappy service. As of today, I have not received the refund to cover my insufficient funds fee thanks to them charging me for a service I cancelled. Luckily my bank chose not to levy the fee, so I’m technically okay there. They did refund the charge for the service I had previously cancelled, so that is good. They also refunded me a totally random amount on one of my recent orders that I have no idea why it was refunded. The amount is different than that of what my insufficient funds fee would have been, but the refund was not even to the correct payment method. I honestly have no idea what is going on here… Add in that said items that were mostly refunded were ordered with Prime shipping on the first, and one arrived on the 5th, but my other item is delayed by the carrier with no projected arrival date. I’m not impressed and honestly considering asking Mattie to not renew the Prime account because this is at least the third item with Prime shipping in recent weeks that has taken a week or longer to arrive or even be shipped out. Amazon.com has also started outsourcing their customer support to Indian call centers as of recent, and the service is not good. No one I have talked to seems to have a good grasp of the English language when it comes to details. I am not impressed at all.

I’ve been trying to track my food the last few days, and have done okay. Today was a flop as far as that goes because there was a lot of crappy eating, and also we ate dinner with friends tonight and I’m not 100% of how she prepared the food to guess at the nutritional content. It was really good though and I’ll have to try doing the chicken here the same way one of these nights. It was a fun¬†afternoon and evening though and I’m glad we went to Jenna and Brian’s to hang out, have a few beers, and share dinner.

The Shocktop winter variety pack has some pretty tasty stuff in it. The Shockolate Wheat is really good, and the Twisted Pretzel whatever it is I loved… which is odd because it tastes and smells just like fresh baked bread.

Tomorrow is Sunday so we will do our bacon and eggs breakfast, and I might do some extra grocery shopping on Monday and restock us on some good food items.