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My last post I talked about Amazon.com and their crappy service. As of today, I have not received the refund to cover my insufficient funds fee thanks to them charging me for a service I cancelled. Luckily my bank chose not to levy the fee, so I’m technically okay there. They did refund the charge for the service I had previously cancelled, so that is good. They also refunded me a totally random amount on one of my recent orders that I have no idea why it was refunded. The amount is different than that of what my insufficient funds fee would have been, but the refund was not even to the correct payment method. I honestly have no idea what is going on here… Add in that said items that were mostly refunded were ordered with Prime shipping on the first, and one arrived on the 5th, but my other item is delayed by the carrier with no projected arrival date. I’m not impressed and honestly considering asking Mattie to not renew the Prime account because this is at least the third item with Prime shipping in recent weeks that has taken a week or longer to arrive or even be shipped out. Amazon.com has also started outsourcing their customer support to Indian call centers as of recent, and the service is not good. No one I have talked to seems to have a good grasp of the English language when it comes to details. I am not impressed at all.

I’ve been trying to track my food the last few days, and have done okay. Today was a flop as far as that goes because there was a lot of crappy eating, and also we ate dinner with friends tonight and I’m not 100% of how she prepared the food to guess at the nutritional content. It was really good though and I’ll have to try doing the chicken here the same way one of these nights. It was a fun afternoon and evening though and I’m glad we went to Jenna and Brian’s to hang out, have a few beers, and share dinner.

The Shocktop winter variety pack has some pretty tasty stuff in it. The Shockolate Wheat is really good, and the Twisted Pretzel whatever it is I loved… which is odd because it tastes and smells just like fresh baked bread.

Tomorrow is Sunday so we will do our bacon and eggs breakfast, and I might do some extra grocery shopping on Monday and restock us on some good food items.

Friday Day ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO So Many Things

So many things have happened over the last few weeks. My last post was on Election Day when I voted basically for the first time in my life. Since then I have done a ton of knitting, spent way too much money at Michael’s on yarn and other crafting supplies, and my aunt and uncle took custody of my 92-year old grandmother and moved her into their house.

Thursday night we had dinner here at the house with Mattie’s brother and dad. The meal was good, though I admit I was cranky all day and after listening to the TV run at high volume for over 5 hours I got fed up and went to Michael’s at 10pm for small craft supply buying spree while they had an awesome coupon I wanted to take advantage of. I ended up walking out with $53 worth of stuff for $29, including some supplies for crafts I’ve not done before. I got home from Michael’s right as Mattie’s dad and brother were pulling out of the driveway. That’s the closest I am ever going to get to Thanksgiving or Black Friday shopping in person- If Michael’s had been packed I was going to turn around and drive right back home again.

Friday night we went to my mom’s for dinner. It was the first Thanksgiving I’ve ever had without my grandmother there, as my aunt and uncle has taken her home with them a few days earlier. Unfortunately last night she fell in their house and broke her femur, high up on her leg. Apparently the doctors are saying that they will do a partial replacement on her leg, so she will have the ability to sit up, but not to walk. They argue her age is an issue. My mom went by the hospital but I did not- not sure what good it would even do because I am positive she has no idea who I am. As it is when my mom talked to her today in the hospital, she thought she was at home and had no idea she was injured at all, let alone in the hospital.

Since she was displaced from her house, the family has been sorting through her things. I have had possession of her cedar chest for some time, but I ended up taking some bakeware I’ve loved since I was a child. She had a lot of really nice, older than me and still perfect Corningware, as well as some silicone cupcake pans, a baking sheet, a strainer, and some large spoons. I initially just wanted big spoons and a cookie sheet but then I saw and remembered how much I loved her Corningware. I had to clear out a bunch of containers we never use to make room for them, but that’s okay. Our friend Cindy says she will take them, and I offered my old hand mixer to another friend since a friend of a friend was so nice as to give me her brand new one because she didn’t like it.

I also reclaimed some of my stuff from my mom’s house- my favorite plate since I broke my favorite plate here earlier this week, and some crafting supplies, books, and some CDs. One of the big things I brought back with me was a wooden chest Nikki gave me years ago along with some paint, fake jewels, and fleece to line the inside of it which I never actually did. One of the books I brought back is a large tome on vintage fashions. Its mostly pictures.

I really want to bring the cedar chest here with me, but as it stands, I have nowhere to put it. Mattie and I decided that if we get rid of that horrible monstrosity that his ex stuck in the bedroom to use as a headboard, put up a shelf or two to hold the things currently piled up in it, and move the bed flush against the wall, we can put the chest at the foot of the bed. Even with the cedar chest at the foot of the bed, we will still have more room in the bedroom.

Today we are taking Mattie’s dad shopping and then I will start on a new project. I bought two small canvases on Thursday night and would like to do some sort of painting on them. I have acrylic paint for use with my clay, and a few paint brushes, I just need to come up with a design for them.


Its been almost two weeks since my last post. On the surface, things have been okay. Food has been mostly good, and we tried a few new meal ideas. Two out of the three were good, but one tasted like crap. Jami and Jason tried it as well, and Jami agreed it was gross. So gross. I went to the gym once somewhere in there, and we’ve been out to eat a few times. Saturday night we had a bad movie night here at the house, and after the third movie, I don’t think we have any friends left. We watched Under The Cherry Moon, The Calamari Wrestler, and Birdemic. The first one was bad, the second one better but the last one was awful.


Yeah, the birds in the movie were all badly animated gifs. Absolutely awful.

I had a wake up moment late last week after breaking a bowl while washing dishes. You know how something might happen once in a while, slowly occurring with more frequency over time and you don’t even notice it as wrong, just as something that happens? It just creeps in? It was one of those. For the past 5 years or so, I’ve been having issues with a lot of things. Dizziness, general weakness, I’ve passed out a few times, blurred vision like I was looking through frosted glass, tremors in my hands, inability to grasp or hold items on occasion, muscle twitches, and if I am standing for more than about a minute I have to lean on something to support myself. All these things have been occurring more and more often, and with greater intensity, to the point some of them, like needing to lean on things, and general weakness are almost constant. Apparently all of these are side effects to the Wellbutrin I have been on for 6 years, but I was unaware of it, so for 6 years I’ve been saying no, no side effects. I feel like going to the gym is generally out of reach now because I don’t feel like I am strong enough to do anything. I worry I will hurt myself, or fall off of the treadmill, or any number of other things.

I called the mental health clinic and asked for a new appointment date since my next appointment is in November. They were able to move me up to this Thursday but it still seems so far off. I know its only two days away now, but I’ve been feeling rather panicked since realizing all of these things could be tied to my medication and they are getting worse. Previously I did not want to change medications, but now I really wan to get away from the Wellbutrin and stay away from it.


I have no idea what my hair is even doing here, but my neck was cozy and warm!

I taught myself to knit last Friday, and I made a little ascot-type scarf with a button in it, and started on a real scarf right afterwards. I only know how to knit and purl, but I figure I will pick up more as I go. I was really surprised at how easy it was to learn the basics, though I had to watch several videos about casting on to get that right. It doesn’t help that every video seems to use a different method to do it.

The weather is cooling off a little, but the temperature is going up again this weekend. We are suppose to be hitting the 90’s again. The last few days were super nice though and it was good to be able to turn off the air and just open the house up.

I spent an hour or so today making clay beads. I use about 6 different colors, and started of by just making plain round beads. Then I added textures to the surfaces and to most of them added other decorations- flowers, squiggles, polka dots, hearts.

Monday we had pool and it started off about as spectacularly bad as was possible. My first game I broke, and I only broke successfully by chance. I bounced the cue across the table, landing it in the middle of the rack, and bouncing of of the table. That should have been my clue that the game was going to go badly. I managed to get two of my balls in after too many tries, and then when my opponent had only the 8-ball left, I mistaked the 9-ball for the cue and fouled, giving him ball in hand to put the 8 in. It was just bad. My other three games went much better, netting me a 6 and 2 5’s, so I had an 18 for the night.

Anyway, not much else to say, so see you Thursday.


Monday was grocery day, and I feel like I got a good haul. Only $15 of my total was spent on things that were not fresh, or dairy/ova, and that makes me happy. I love that with the exception of maybe a little couscous here and there I’m not buying pasta and rice anymore and that most o my purchases are fresh foods. Mattie asked for melons and pineapple this week, and it turned out they were cheaper than I expected so I got two melons and a pineapple. I almost never buy either of those things so honestly had no idea what to expect to spend on them.

I really wanted turkey thighs because the legs always have those inedible tendons, but all they had were legs and they were cheap enough, so I got 2 packages of them. Here’s what I got. I’ll need to go back later this week for hamburger or ground turkey for zucchini spaghetti. I thought we had some but we do not.

Meats $25.84

  • Chicken Drumsticks $5.16
  • Bacon $2.98
  • Turkey Drumsticks (6) $12.78
  • Tuna (3) $2.04
  • Polish Sausage $2.88

Dairy & Ova $14.65

  • Medium Cheddar $6.53
  • Eggs (12 x 2) $2.96
  • String Cheese $2.88
  • Cottage Cheese $2.28

Frozen Food $13.88

  • Lean Cuisine (x 4) $9.92
  • Tony’s Pizza (2 x 2) $3.96

Fruits & Veggies $31.30

  • Honeydew Melon (1) $1.65
  • Cantaloupe (1) $1.55
  • Celery (2) $1.96
  • Zucchini (1) $0.65
  • Tomatoes $2.28
  • Granny Smith Apples (5) $2.48
  • Plums (7) $2.55
  • Pineapple (1) $2.98
  • Green Onion (2) $0.96
  • Cucumber (1) $0.58
  • Broccoli (2 crown) $1.00
  • Salad Mix (3) $4.74
  • Fruit Cups (3 x 4) $5.94
  • Carrots (2 lbs) $1.98

Condiments $1.22

  • Soy Sauce $1.22

Total Haul $86.89

Monday night also brought the end of the season for our pool league, and I finished out the season for 12 wins. I set a goal after my first season that this time I wanted twice as many wins as I had last time and I succeeded with exactly 12 after last night. We are playing again next season and I am hoping to get at least 18 wins then. We’ll see.

Not a lot else to say at this point. The scale is coming back down but its happening slowly, and I’m still a little irritated that it went up so much after the BBQ we went to. All I can figure is the food was really salty because a 7 pound change over night is insane!