Friday Day 918 & Saturday Day 919 Let The Weekend Begin!

Let the weekend begin!

We’d had some birds nesting in the eves around our back porch and today I noticed that the nest nearest the back door has its occupant peeking out now. The birds are doves, and the young one is on the right. Its about half the size of the parents, and almost [...]

Monday Day 877 Grocery Time!

March 2nd, 2014 – A new low!

So, its been how long since I’ve posted? A week and a half? In my defense I did sit down about five times since and attempt to type something up, but it just wasn’t happening. What’s been going on since then? I hit a new low on [...]

Sunday Day 848 I’m Still Here!

I’ve been super busy in my craft room the last week or so, and have sucked at tracking the last few days, but I still managed a 0.9 pound loss for last week, despite having friends over Saturday night and grilling, and I’m still here. I ate more than I should have, and something really [...]

Sunday Day 834 A Good Weekend

I won’t lie. The scale is up today, but it was fully expected and I was not surprised at all. Saturday night we got together with Tracy & David at Jami and Jason’s house for my birthday. There was much snacking, tacos for dinner, and a birthday cake. I’ve never had an actual birthday cake [...]