The last few days have been good but fairy non – descript. Food has been good one day and crappy the next. I got a logo job I might have mentioned last time that I finished up and that gave me some unexpected money which of course I’ve mostly spent on fun stuff because it’s [...]


Where to begin? I haven’t posted in weeks! Things have been busy with a lot of going out, eating out, hanging with friends, and in general making really fun but bad choices. There have been lots of bowls of ice cream and frozen yogurt, a calzone which was filled with mozzarella, cream cheese, artichoke hearts [...]

Friday Day ONE One Crazy Week

Okay, first off, this should have been day 960. But I’m taking a cue from Fotographing Fat Kid and starting the count over. New count, new start, new get back on it.

This week has been crazy and I’m not even sure where to begin. It started out normal enough, but it didn’t stay that [...]

Friday Day 918 & Saturday Day 919 Let The Weekend Begin!

Let the weekend begin!

We’d had some birds nesting in the eves around our back porch and today I noticed that the nest nearest the back door has its occupant peeking out now. The birds are doves, and the young one is on the right. Its about half the size of the parents, and almost [...]