Monday was grocery day, and I feel like I got a good haul. Only $15 of my total was spent on things that were not fresh, or dairy/ova, and that makes me happy. I love that with the exception of maybe a little couscous here and there I’m not buying pasta and rice anymore and [...]

Sunday Day SEVENTY-THREE Calibre Companion

So let’s see… The scale has been trending steadily downwards for the last 2 weeks. I’ve been really happy about that, and I’ve stayed almost totally on track for that time period. Friday night we went out for dinner, and Saturday night we went to a BBQ, where I made a few bad choices. I [...]


The last few days have been good but fairy non – descript. Food has been good one day and crappy the next. I got a logo job I might have mentioned last time that I finished up and that gave me some unexpected money which of course I’ve mostly spent on fun stuff because it’s [...]


Where to begin? I haven’t posted in weeks! Things have been busy with a lot of going out, eating out, hanging with friends, and in general making really fun but bad choices. There have been lots of bowls of ice cream and frozen yogurt, a calzone which was filled with mozzarella, cream cheese, artichoke hearts [...]